FTJ Senior University Stay-at-Home Brain Food Suggestions

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I’ve been informed that Senior University will not be resuming in May. Meanwhile, there are still plenty of options available online to keep a person busy and a mind thoroughly engaged.

I’ll bet that there are a number of readers out there. I am guessing that you are aware of your local libraries and the services they offer (if not, message me right now!) But there are other online reading options too. Goodreads has even compiled a list of popular free online books for your convenience: You can also check out Open Library:

Are you getting tired of cooking and preparing the same things? Perhaps you would enjoy learning to cook something new or even learn a new technique. YouTube can help you there:
If you want to go “all in”, you can also check out this article with 20 “best” online cooking classes available:

Quick links to more learning topics that were mentioned in the returned 2020 questionnaires (and a couple we didn’t know might be of interest back then):

Do you want to chat with a scientist? You can do just that at Skype a Scientist: This was shared by Dr. Heidi Schutz from Pacific Lutheran University.

If you are interested in more educational, entertaining or exercise videos, please click here.

Until we meet again,
Jana Wennstrom, Senior University Coordinator

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