Patricia Moore – Therapeutic Activity Supervisor in our Life Enrichment Department

Patricia Moore

Don’t be surprised if you hear her voice down the hallways before you see her! Patricia is entertaining, silly, has the biggest heart, and will certainly enrich your life.

Before Franke Tobey Jones, Patricia worked in a nursing home at age 18. Her instant passion and respect for seniors came from certain loving qualities that her grandmother’s generation engrained in her, especially respect and love. As her love for people continued, she found her way to the Tacoma School District where she worked for 25 years. Throughout her time there, she worked with special needs children, served as the athletic director, coached both girls’ and boys’ basketball, and towards the end of her time at the Tacoma School District she was the special needs bus driver. We are very thankful that Patricia’s life came full circle and she ended up being part of the Franke Tobey Jones Life Enrichment department.

“Before working at Franke Tobey Jones, I always thought of it as a castle on a hill,” said Patricia. “After working here, I now know the residents are so special, almost royalty to me. They are very welcoming and loving. They are family.”

Being with the residents and making them smile is most rewarding to Patricia. You can find her leading activities, reading, and playing games with the residents. She finds it very important that the residents are challenged with new activities and games daily. Although her day is filled with lots of laughs, Patricia has a lot on her plate. Not only does she create a new lesson plan daily, but she takes time to listen to each resident about what they want. According to Patricia, she gets a lot of feedback! She structures everyday according to her residents. With so much energy and zeal for life, Patricia can make anyone happy.

Outside of Franke Tobey Jones you can find Patricia at church or relaxing with a good book or crossword puzzle.

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