Brand New Engaging Programing at Franke Tobey Jones Memory Care

Montessori Program for Seniors

Starting in late 2022, Franke Tobey Jones embarked on a brand new way of engaging with residents in our memory care community. While Montessori is most often connected to learning for children, Montessori for dementia has been shown to be extremely effective in allowing the person with dementia to reconnect to a world they are losing access to. Through sensory experiences and hands-on programing, those who have dementia are better able to reconnect with pleasant events and memories of the past and experience the positive emotions of remembered events.

Noticing the changing needs and abilities of the residents in Memory Care, the Life Enrichment team is adapting activity programing to meet the needs of residents. We have introduced Montessori and sensory programs that are designed to support Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) via fun and engaging hands-on games and activities. Additionally, we have increased programs that engage residents in old skills, such as cooking, baking, gardening, household chores, sports and games. The purpose of these changes is to give residents an opportunity to fully engage in programs and groups with all their senses, trigger positive memories and bring back a sense of purpose in each resident’s life.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the activity programing changes in Memory Care, please contact our FTJ Director of Life Enrichment, Heidi White at

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